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This bowl is turned from maple.  It is 5 inches in diameter and 1-3/4 inches deep. It can be used to hold a variety of items. This particular bowl is not good for food items because of the finish that I used on it, however, if you wish to use food items in your bowl I can use a food safe finish for you. 

Turned Maple Bowl


Music Box


Here is a music box that I made for a gift. The figures in the middle turn with the music.   I used a combination of Walnut, Cherry and Alder to provide the variations in the figures.



This Meditation Chime is one of a series. The base is stained layers of wood, the chime is tuned aluminum. 

Meditation Chime


This box was an experiment in lighting art. The customer designed the hexagonal image, which was burned into the stained birch plywood with a laser engraver. Sixty holes were drilled into the pattern to allow LED lights to be strung through the back. The surround is alder, and the entire project is 19" X 19" X 2 1/2".


This customer wanted to install some indirect lighting in place of a ceiling fixture. We built four boxes out of stained birch plywood 49" X 4" X 4". Each box accommodates one 48" tube and connectors, as well as a ballast (in this case, there is one ballast in the box 2nd from the right, which connects to four 32 Watt T8 bulbs).