Bandsaw boxes, in addition to being places to store your precious jewelry, are also eye catching conversation pieces.  They can contain hidden compartments that only you will know how to open.  They reflect your personality and feelings in the shape and feel of the pieces.  Bandsaw boxes can be almost any size or shape. Contact us to discuss your new bandsaw box.


BAndsaw box
Open Bandsaw Box

Short Bandsaw Box
Open Short Bandsaw Box


Budda bandsaw box
Budda bandsaw box

“During the Christmas season my wife wanted to give me a special jewelry/keepsake box. Knowing Bill Richards’ talent for producing unique and well-crafted personal furniture and utilitarian wooden appointments, she gave him a call. Bill, knowing I’m a student of eastern philosophy, saw, in a piece of wood, a Buddha that wanted to be freed into existence. He shaped the wood and constructed three drawers out of its midst. Later he had the face and outline of Buddha lightly engraved into the box, to bring it to life. I love the way he honored my personal interests and provided me with a decorative object that will serve me the rest of my life. The box is a work of art that will travel far, and remind future generations of the gift of a finely crafted piece of unique expression.”

                                                                                                                   -Andy T.