How will I work on your project?

The design phase of the project begins with the initial communication from you. During ensuing conversations you will share your ideas, likes and dislikes in wood, color and so on.  Included in these communications should be the effect you want to achieve with this project – whether it is blending with existing furniture or making a dramatic statement, etc. 

During this time I will make a preliminary sketch for you to look at to see if we have the same idea in mind. I will provide sketches for you to review along with rough estimates of the project costs.  Once I have a clear understanding of what you desire, I will create working drawings from which I can establish lists of materials and a construction time frame.  Please bear in mind that this kind of project requires time to plan, execute, and finish.  I will not rush any part of the process in such a way as to cause errors, omissions or quality problems.  Your complete satisfaction is my goal.

Once you feel that you and I are on the same page, I will produce drawings that I can work from and make an accurate estimate on the final cost and completion date. I will then get your signature on a written contract and a 50% down payment.  My next step will be to purchase materials and hardware and start on your project.  The time frame will be based on current commissioned work.

The best way to start your project is to e-mail me with your verbal description, drawing or picture with notes as to what you are looking for in the piece.  Please include your contact information, including your phone number, so that we can adequately discuss your needs.