5.  How do I co-ordinate my new furniture with my older furniture?

You will need to work closely with your designer so that they can understand what your needs and desires are.  The designer needs to be very aware of the style of the furniture that you have and want to blend with, what your likes and dislikes are about this or these styles.  The designer will then sketch ideas on paper and work with you to get to the style or combination of styles that you want.  This process can take time, in fact it should take time.  You need to be certain that this is what you want.  You will be spending your hard earned dollars on this and you want it to be right for you.  Look closely at the drawings in your home.  Visualize the piece where you want to put it.  Visualize yourself using it and placing your possessions on it and in it.  As the saying goes “Sleep on it”, if you still feel good about it, have it built, if not, make changes and review it all over again.  The only time to start construction is when you are sure of what you want.  Changes later can be expensive to accomplish.  A seemingly small change in the project could result in major changes in other parts of the piece and in the material use.  Back  to FAQ