A coffee table can be used for anything you wish: a footrest, magazine or book display, or a custom display table.  We can design the table to fit your needs and your furnishings. 


My client owns a beautiful and unusual twin-necked electric guitar which he wished to display without  hanging it on the wall.  He also wanted to be able to take it out and play it whenever he wished. 

The client's living room is furnished mostly in  mission style but was lacking a coffee table.  We decided on an oak mission-style unit that would have a hinged lid and a glass top to display and protect the guitar.  He also wanted someplace to put magazines and the coffee table books when the unit was open.

The pictures you see here are of the table before finishing as the client, being a painting contractor, desired to finish the table himself.


The table with its lid raised showing the guitar supports.

The customer is going to put a padded felt liner in the interior after he finishes the table.


coffee table shelf
coffee table end view