A conference table can provide a professional atmosphere to conduct business meetings.  Contact us to design a table that fits your style and functional needs.


Large Conference Table

This conference table is 16 feet long and 8 feet wide.  It is made of sapele mahogany plywood and solid sapele mahogany over a composite core. The feet are turned aluminum. The stretchers are tied together with threaded rod to ensure stability over the length and width of the table.  A conference table like this could include wiring raceways to allow for conference phones, computers and projectors without having cords all over the table. 


Conference table base

This is the base that supports the table.  Notice the beams on the bottom, they are hollow and have the tension rods running through them.  The center column can be used to bring cords for power, Phone and computer services to the top rails so that they can come out where you need them in the table.

Conference table top

This is one quarter of the top.  This conference table had to be able to fit through a standard door so it had to be made in pieces to be assembled on site. Notice the wonderful grain of the sapele mahogany.  


The legs are laminated and then mortised for the center section.  These large, deep mortises add extra strength to the legs and help in providing a stable foundation for the conference table. 

Conference table leg mortise



Conference table legs

Here is another example of the striking grain of the sapele mahogany.   The turned aluminum feet for the legs are also shown here.  This customer wanted  the feet extra thick to prevent water damage from frequent heavy cleaning in this area.  They did not want any water to be able to get to the finish and spoil the effect of the table.

We can design a table to fit your image, space requirements and installation opportunities.  This particular table can be disassembled , taken out through a standard door and re-assembled somewhere else if needed.