4.  Why does custom furniture cost more than box store and fine         furniture stores?

If you compare the fine furniture stores pricing and the custom furniture builders prices you will find that they are fairly comparable.  Differences in prices in these two are usually the result of the design for specific locations and uses.  Also woods specified can increase the cost of the furniture, again the matching and finish of the final product have more care in the custom built sector.  A good custom furniture builder will select his woods with an eye both to the look of the wood, but also to the final use of the wood.  A strong, less pricey wood can be used for the internal components that will not be seen and will lend even more strength to the piece.

If you will review questions 1 and 3 you will see the differences between box store furniture and custom furniture.  Hand selection of wood, grain matching, hand cut joints and the best joint for the application (not the easiest one to make) all take time and increase both the cost and the value of the furniture.  Having a piece in your collection that is different from anyone else’s collection gives you a measure of satisfaction that money can not buy, but that you can have.  Back  to FAQ