Here are some comments that our customers have made

about work they commissioned:


Display Table

"I want to acknowledge the gift of your profound talent as an artist and craftsmen.  The table you created and brought into form is a masterpiece.  It will be a part of this Center for decades to come.  Someday, it will be a highly prized piece of artistic expression in an important collection.  We are so fortunate, here at our beloved Center, to have it adorn our sanctuary. - Thank you. I can really see why you have such passion for what you do."

Rev. Andy

Paradise Center For Spiritual Living



"When I got my quilt rack, I was amazed! It is beautifully finished and I proudly display it in my home.  It's sturdy and safely holds my precious quilt (which is really heavy). I just love it!  Richards Custom Furniture did a wonderful job and I can't wait to order more furniture from them."

                             Zoe J.
                                        Medford, OR


Cherry quilt rack


Band Saw Box

“During the Christmas season my wife wanted to give me a special jewelry/keepsake box. Knowing Bill Richards’ talent for producing unique and well-crafted personal furniture and utilitarian wooden appointments, she gave him a call. Bill, knowing I’m a student of eastern philosophy, saw, in a piece of wood, a Buddha that wanted to be freed into existence. He shaped the wood and constructed three drawers out of its midst. Later he had the face and outline of Buddha lightly engraved into the box, to bring it to life. I love the way he honored my personal interests and provided me with a decorative object that will serve me the rest of my life. The box is a work of art that will travel far, and remind future generations of the gift of a finely crafted piece of unique expression.”

                                              Andy T.

                                              Paradise, CA




"It is exactly what I wanted!!!!"

Cedar Blanket Chest


Candle lighting table

"Thank you guys, for the love expressed through craftsmanship, imagination, engineering and devotion regarding the candle-lighting furniture you all brought forward.  It is truly a piece of art, in the highest regard. 

It will be a treasured piece for generations in this Center, long after we've all evolved on.  I know that each of you added your own personal expression of Divinity as it passed through your caring hands and attentions.

                                       Rev. Andy

                                            Paradise, CA



"This cradle has been wonderful!  It was made for my oldest daughter years ago.  It has since held 2 more babies in our family.  The finish is like satin and the cradle is extremely stable and solid. Richards Custom Furniture did a fabulous job!"

                                       Colleen W.
                              Hayward, CA.


Child's Cradle


Printer Table

"The table was just what I wanted.  It blended in with my other office furniture. It does not shake when the large printer I have placed on it is running, like the one I bought commercially did.  The storage shelf at the bottom is especially useful."

                                              Mary B.

                                                                      Oroville, CA