My clients wanted a pair of "book-matched" desks.  He wanted them to hold his important papers as well as his computers and their associated wiring and modems.  The pair of desks had to fit in the end of his office area sitting side by side and still allow access to all the components.  We will be happy to design a desk that will do just what you need and fit your style.  Contact us to make your desk idea a reality. 


book-matched desks


The desks are made of maple hardwood plywood and solid maple.  The top is edged with solid maple and has a grommet for the computer monitor and keyboard wiring.  The wiring will be hidden as it comes from the top of the computer space directly to the top of the desk.  The client did not wish to have a keyboard drawer in the desk.  The space under the wire mesh door for the computer is to hold the excess wiring and modem.  The large bottom drawer holds hanging files.


Desk prior to finishing
computer desk


computer desk top
finished computer desk top