If food and drink are what your customers require, then providing them with a functional and tasteful atmosphere is a must.  Contact us so we can provide you with the unique accoutrements that will make your restaurant or cafe stand out.


drink station

Here is a drink station that was designed for a casino.  It features an acrylic composite top, maple melamine case and composite recycled lumber base is to protect it from mop water.  The top has openings for the trash cans, inset cup dispensers and passages for the soda and drains. There is plenty of storage below for product, separated from both the trash and the cup dispensers.  


This customer requested a "soup station" for a buffet. The soup heating pots are recessed into the top and the controls are behind the long door across the front. The top splits apart to allow the heat pots to be removed for cleaning and repair. The material is maple melamine for ease of cleaning.  The base is made of composite recycled lumber that has been plasticized to prevent damage to the case from mop water.

soup station


sandwich board front

Here is a cafe sandwich board that arrived in very sad shape.  We stripped it and refinished it with a dark cranberry stain, then replaced the chalk board inserts with whiteboard for dry erase markers.


Sandwich board side