It has been a bit since my last post as I have been looking for more shop space, actually a new shop and home.  I finally found it and am making arrangements for the purchase and the move.  I will keep you informed on the progress. But more fun was the latest project.  A very large ticked barrel was commissioned by a casino.
Here is the finished barrel.  They are expecting a LOT of tickets.

It was a lot of fun for two of us to get the drum in the truck to take it down to the casino.  This one is heavy.

Quick shot of a happy Russ putting finish on the door to the drum.

I had to turn a large pin to secure the barrel when they don't want it to spin.  The large space between the barrel and the base is because of the large faceplate bearing that I used to let them spin it with all the weight that the many tickets they are expecting will have.

The drum and base just before final assembly.

Now on to the next project.  Some interesting bases for spinning wheels.