Occasional tables are built to fill a specific need and compliment other furniture in your room.  With a wide choice of materials and styles, we can design and produce the table that fits you perfectly.  Contact us to get started!


Boat Table with candle
End View of Boat Table
Bottom view of Boat Table


This table was designed to hold a special candle or flower arrangement.  It is made of 2 kinds of walnut - english and black, with an alder center.  The legs are dovetailed into the bottom.  The table measures 21 inches tall, 18 inches across and 9 3/4 inches deep. 


I received the following note from the minister at a Center where I delivered the above table:

"I want to acknowledge the gift of your profound talent as an artist and craftsmen.  The table you created and brought into form is a masterpiece.  It will be a part of this Center for decades to come.  Someday, it will be a highly prized piece of artistic expression in an important collection.  We are so fortunate, here at our beloved Center, to have it adorn our sanctuary. - Thank you. I can really see why you have such passion for what you do."


Candle table with candles
Candle table with sand


This table was commissioned for a Candle Lighting Service at a local Spiritual Center. The requirements were that it be able to be disassembled for storage and it had to hold enough sand to place all the candles from the congregation during the service. The top section is of alder with poplar legs and stretcher.  Sepele mahogany pegs secure the stretcher and the legs.  The scene around the top was laser engraved on the alder.  We have the capability to laser engrave on your project as well with almost any design you wish to have. 



Candle table disassembled

We received the following letter from the Center regarding this piece of work:

 "Thank you guys, for the love expressed through craftsmanship, imagination, engineering and devotion regarding the candle-lighting furniture you all brought forward.  It is truly a piece of art, in the highest regard. 

It will be a treasured piece for generations in this Center, long after we've all evolved on.  I know that each of you added your own personal expression of Divinity as it passed through your caring hands and attentions."



The table on the right was designed to hold a printer in an office.  The customer wanted just a plain table that would compliment the rest of the office look.  It features slightly tapered legs, mitered corners, an inset table top and an inset shelf.  

Printer Table