6.  How can I plan my acquisitions and in what order should I do          them?

This is a very personal question.  What are you trying to accomplish?
Are you trying to add a single piece to blend with your existing furniture? Are you trying to update or change the style of furniture in a particular room or in the entire home? 

If you are just adding one piece the decision is obvious.  If you are updating the furniture in one room you should design the piece that will have the most impact in the room and work from there on the ones that feel right at the time, trying to keep a good look all the while you are updating.

If you are updating an entire home you will need to determine whether you wish to make a statement in the living room portion of the home first or do you want to make the personal spaces more comfortable first and then work toward the public areas.

There is no “right” way to do this, it is a matter of personal choice and finances.  However you decide to proceed is right for you.   Back to FAQ