3.  What are the quality features of custom furniture vs box store         furniture?

When building custom furniture each board is carefully selected so that the grain patterns match well or complement each other well.  In a box store most of the furniture is built with the sticks as they come off the truck and into the milling machinery – not much if any thought is given to the grain patterns match as they will be covered with the finish that will muddy up the grain patterns so that they all blend together.  The custom furniture will allow you to see the grain of the wood and its deep beauty.  Custom furniture finishes have a depth that you will not see in the vast majority of box store furniture.

The way the piece is constructed or put together is another big difference between custom and big box.  Hand built furniture has hand fitted joints to ensure that the fit is correct and the adhesive will do its job.  Biscuits, dowels, dovetails, rabbits and dados are used where they are the most appropriate and most strong.  Factory big box stores are built using the easiest methods. Simple joints, nails and usually just one kind of glue are used to make the piece as quickly and inexpensively as possible.  This can result in weak joints that fail after a relatively short time.  We have all had drawer failures or joint failures in this type of furniture.

While this furniture has its place in the market, if you want quality furniture and a wonderful appearance in your home you should go to the higher end furniture store and get something that is almost right for your home.  Or you can work with a custom designer and builder to get a piece that is exactly right for your home, needs and personality.    Back to FAQ