Quilt racks are handy items to store and display your fine quilt or that special memory quilt or blanket.  They can be sized to fit a specific quilt or be a standard size to hold the spare blankets that you do not need on the bed at the moment.  Contact us to discuss this traditional favorite.


Back View of Quilt Rack
Front View of Quilt Rack
Front View of Quilt Rack.


The quilt rack shown above was built for a young lady who received a special memory quilt for her year as a state officer.  It features her name, title and year of service laser engraved on a plate on the front of the quilt rack. The state organization logo is laser engraved on the top of one end of the quilt rack and the local chapter is engraved on the other end.  This quilt rack was designed to hold this special and rather heavy quilt for display.

The quilt rack measures 31-1/2 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 12 inches deep where the quilt sits. The legs are 22 inches deep.