Richards Custom Furniture

Rocker back
Rocker Front

This chair came to us in rather rough shape.  We were able to restore a very useable and beautiful rocker from the pieces we were given.  The original arms were missing and had been replaced with foam wrapped dowels.  We were able to fabricate new arms and back supports for the chair.  The pictures below show some of the steps we went through.


Rocker front as recieved
Rocker right quarter as recieved
Rocker side as recieved
Rocker top as recieved


The above pictures show the rocking chair as we received it.


rocker side repairing
The redesigned arm and corrected rockers being glued up .
Rocker frame left
Rocker frame right
rocker back frame

                                                  The framework of the chair ready for finish and re-upholstery.