2.  Where do I get ideas for my furniture?

Home improvement and home decorating magazines are a great source of ideas.  TV and movies can also be a source of inspiration.  But do not just jump on a style or design that you see in these venues.  Use them as a starting place for your own style.  You will be living with these pieces for some time so you want to make certain that you will be comfortable with the piece and that it will fit your needs.

The furniture should also fit your home not only in space but in feeling as well.  One way to check this is to find the largest picture of the piece you are thinking about in a magazine.  Once you have, cut it out and hold it up in front of you while looking at the space it would occupy.  By moving it back and forth you will be able to get an idea of how it will work in your home.  At this point you can see what adjustments or changes you would like to see in the piece or something from another piece that you would like and you can sketch it out.  Unless you are trying to have a specific style or period do not be afraid to combine the best ideas from each of them in your piece. Don’t worry about the quality of your drawings – they are just to get the ideas flowing. 

As you work with your furniture building craftsman he will be able to assist you in combining your ideas into a cohesive, attractive and useful piece of furniture.  He should then give you a sketch or drawing so you can see just what your ideas have become.  Back to FAQ.