1.  Why custom furniture?

When you go to the box furniture stores what are you looking at?  Is it something that accurately reflects your personality?  Is anyone else looking at the same piece of furniture?  Will it fit in the room that you have, or will it overpower the rest of the room or perhaps require that you need to buy some accessories to “fill in the gaps”?  Will the drawers hold what you want them to, or will you have to adjust what you have to fit he space?  Will the drawers stay together and not fall apart when you load them with your precious belongings?

If any of these questions are familiar to you or if they just “push your buttons” then custom furniture may be a good choice for you. You want furnishings that blend well together, reflect your personality and tastes, and store or display exactly what you want to have in them.  You really can have it all!  Just talk with your friendly custom furniture builder.  Tell him what you want and how you want it to look.  He will work with you to ensure that you end up with exactly what you want.  It will be solidly built with quality woods and fine joinery.  This will be the kind of furniture that you will be glad to pass on to future generations.  Back to FAQ